Roger Stone entertains local GOPers, attracts a few protesters


Roger Jason Stone, Jr., a political consultant and self-described “dirty tricks” expert brought to prominence in 2015 & 16 for his advocacy of and perceived proximity to Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency, was the keynote speaker and special guest at the Rockland GOP’s fundraiser Wednesday, September 27.

Stone told local Republican partisans he had arrived in New York following hours of public testimony before Congress’s Intel Committee, which is among those looking into allegations of collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

Stone told the Rockland County Times he testified he knows very little about anything Russian. “It’s all political,” he said of the investigation.

According CNN, Stone had told the Committee, “Multiple members of this committee have made false allegations against me in public session in order to ensure that these bogus charges received maximum media coverage.”

He also said Republicans told him during the hearings that the DNC had given their server to the FBI following the revelation it had been hacked, contrary to the account given by for FBI chief James Comey.

Stone praised Trump’s efforts as president and reminded the friendly audience how unpleasant the alternative was.

Fewer than a dozen protesters also gathered outside the Nyack Seaport to voice their opinion and make sure that their presence was felt.

“Rockland County does not support an anarchist republican pushing Trump’s hatred agenda as we refuse to stand by for this guy who trained Trump to be Trump is in our backyard,” Vanessa Reiser, the most vocal of the protesters, said. “We find this individual to be divisive and shameful he [Stone] is not welcome here.”

She told Stone as much as he exited a car at the entrance of the Seaport. Stone, noticeably exhausted, had little patience for Reiser’s histrionics.

Stone’s first job in politics was as a hired hand somewhere in the Nixon Administration. Later it was revealed that he had earned points with the president as a “dirty tricks” artist. Stone has a tattoo on Nixon on the back of his neck. Stone was a top adviser to former New York State Senate Leader Joseph Bruno (R) and has worked on and off with Trump for decades.

He is the subject of the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone,” directed by Dylan Bank, Morgan Pehme and Daniel DiMauro. Stone told the Rockland County Times that Bank, “Is a great man… for a communist.”

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