Picasso on the Hudson

Rare sketch to be auctioned in Nyack

Antique appraiser/dealer Jon Felz and Elizabeth Gott, Legacy Art, hold rare Picasso graphite etching (Photo: Kathy Kahn)


Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), best known for his abstract works by the general public, had many inspirational periods. One of his early works, a graphite sketch of a nude man and woman, was discovered by appraiser John Felz of RZM Fine Arts & Antiques. Inc.  in Pearl River.

Felz discovered the work after purchasing the complete contents of an estate in New Jersey. After having the work’s provenance authenticated by Picasso experts, he’s been partnering with Elizabeth Gott, owner of Legacy Art on North Broadway in Nyack, to auction it off along with other works of fine art.

“This Picasso was an exciting find,” said Felz.  The antique dealer, certified  appraiser and auctioneer  spent 20 years with the New York City Police Department, the last six in the Antique Art  Fraud Squad, where his talent as an antique dealer, before his career in the police department, was put to good use.

“We are very excited about the auction,” said Felz and Gott, which will be featuring the Picasso, along with art from  Grover Chapman, Ed Stotsky, Denise Goldstein, Leigh Ann Klein, Nat Connacher, Allen Tollcott and James G. Tyler.  The auction will also feature several pieces of Art Nouveau period French bronze sculptures.

“We are celebrating our first year in Legacy Art,” said Gott, “and this is a wonderful way to bring fine artists’ work to the attention of the public in an exciting way. We’re so pleased to be working with John Felz, who is an exceptional appraiser, appreciates great art and has such a depth of knowledge.”

A close up of the Picasso

Preview hours prior to the auction will be held Thursday, November 2 and Friday, November 3, both days from 2 – 8 p.m.  The auction will be held on Saturday, November 4, beginning at 5 p.m.  The auction is open to the public but those attending must register before the auction begins at Legacy Art.

“It’s always a joy to find a ‘fresh’ piece of a major artist’s work,” said Felz of the Picasso. “This will be an important auction, one I’m happy to be working with Legacy Art on.”

For more information, visit www.legacyartist.com and on Facebook at Legacy Gallery.  Inquiries can be directed to John Felz at 914-450-9888.

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