LETTER FROM READER: Piermont trustee wrong-headed in rebuke of Ed Day

To the Editor,

After reading a Letter to the Editor in a local town newspaper by yet elected Piermont Trustee Ivanya Alpert, I couldn’t help but laugh at her attempt to infer that Ed Day is somehow racist or anti-Semitic because of the factual concerns in this county and his saving this county from bankruptcy. Her letter appears to be more of an endorsement of his opponent and an embellished “hit piece” rather than an opinion. As much as Ms. Alpert seeks to make herself appear relevant and wishes to grab sound-bites as a radical political activist, she might be better served if she were to pay more attention to her surroundings rather than acting as a shill for the country executive race.

On Friday, November 3, 2017 the Piermont Public Library hosted a free movie night showing “Blazing Saddles,” a Mel Brooks comedy that references the “N”” word 19 times. The Piermont Chamber of Commerce is also promoting this event and new Mayor Bruce Tucker is a library trustee! Library movie curator Chris Carroll billed it as a “joy to behold.”

Ms. Alpert likes to point out splinters in others eyes while ignoring the plank which protrudes from her own.


Tom Lynch


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