ED DAY 2022: County Executive Day sounds like he will run for governor NEXT time


Following Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s election defeat to George Latimer earlier this month the GOP field for governor seemingly opened up. Astorino, the GOP’s 2014 candidate, had been considered the 2018 frontrunner. Another Hudson Valley name bandied about as a potential candidate has been our own Rockland County Executive Ed Day, who won reelection to a second term as county exec earlier this month.

Day told the Rockland County Times he is not looking to run in 2018, because he is committed to Rockland County. However, he more than left the door open for a future run and even has begun framing his potential campaign theme.

Here is what Ed Day said when the Rockland County Times asked if he’d be running for governor next year: “New York State is in a very similar situation that Rockland was in not long ago, as it is facing financial shortfalls and significant deficits that will result in major tax increases. With the near miraculous recovery we have made here in Rockland, I have been approached by a number of key people regarding running for governor in 2018. These people recognize that unlike others who are being touted, we have a great story of success in Rockland and an unrivaled recovery from the brink of bankruptcy in just four short years. Even when people look beyond the handling of that extreme fiscal crisis now solved, they now see the permanent foundation of prosperity laid out. At the end of the day, and by any measure, the recipe we used that pulled Rockland from the brink of bankruptcy is precisely the path that many yearn to ensure that New York State stays true to it’s nickname … The Empire State. That said, I have a job to finish here in Rockland and while I would consider this honor at some point, I will not now betray the desire of the vast majority of the people who just re-elected me to finish the job and will complete my term as county executive.”

Day’s timing is right. One look at recent history and it’s clear that New Yorkers get tired of governors after three terms. In 2022 Governor Andrew Cuomo will likely be running for his fourth term. He already is accumulating a lot of baggage, like Pataki before him and his father before Pataki.

Our prediction? If Day faces Cuomo in 2022, he will win.

Governor Ed Day? It’s a possibility.

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