HOMETOWN HAPPENINGS: Clarkstown is Open for Business

By Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann

Clarkstown is home to a diverse range of businesses and is positioned well in many ways as a desirable location to grow or start a business in the metropolitan area.  We are truly the economic center of Rockland County.  People from all over the region flock to our retail centers at the Palisades Center Mall and the Shops at Nanuet.  The businesses along the Routes 59, 9W, 303 and 304 corridors provide access to a wide array of goods and services to satisfy all kinds of interests and tastes.  The executive parks along Route 303 provide professional environments where the spirit of entrepreneurism can thrive. In addition to the bustling commercial corridors, we have quaint village-like centers throughout the town that provide a wonderful setting for small businesses who stir the imagination and provide browsers a place to explore.

 Clarkstown offers businesses an attractive setting to anchor their enterprises, complete with service and financial institutions to provide necessary supportive functions, as well as a solid infrastructure to keep businesses running smoothly once they are established.

 As Supervisor, I am proud to continually promote and support our business community.  We work closely with our local chambers of commerce to meet their municipal needs and help promote their goals and events.

 We are currently in the process of developing a plan for a Nanuet Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”) project.  TOD development focuses on providing an innovative mix of commercial and residential uses centered on access to transit and linked with pedestrian-safe areas and other amenities.  Within the Nanuet Hamlet Center (which is home to the town’s only commuter rail stop) new zoning will be developed to better reflect and reinforce the traditional main street layout of the area and provide the opportunity for mixed-use development and a variety of housing options for residents seeking to live near, and utilize, the rail stop.

 This project will be an economic development opportunity not only for the town, but for the region.  It will provide housing for seniors and young people starting their careers.  It will provide a much needed shot in the arm to Nanuet and Clarkstown’s tax base.

 Making Clarkstown a more affordable place to live is a key priority.  An essential ingredient to keeping property taxes low is expanding Clarkstown’s economy. In the coming months, I will be establishing an Economic Development Advisory Committee charged with helping the Clarkstown retain existing businesses and attract new ones.

 Further developing our relationship with our local businesses, the local chambers and Economic Development Advisory Committee will keep Clarkstown on track to remain—and expand upon—being the economic hub of the region.   Clarkstown is always open for business!

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