To the Editor,

Magnificent, utterly magnificent! I am thrilled beyond words to read your article mentioning my birthday. You describe me in such glowing terms it brings a blush to my cheeks!

“Local socialite,” my word! Anyone who might be around as I get into my car, and hear the creaks of my joints as I unfold my body on to that car seat, would have a hard  time with that description. “Active?” Since I don’t have an athletic bone in my body, the word “active” is usually not in the same sentence with my name.

But that’s all right. Hearing all those lovely words is a treat and I thank you. I do agree that the fact of my involvement in the community is what defines me, more than the number of candles on my cake.

And if you want to consider that I am totally deaf (bless that Cochlear Implant) and have two plates in left leg, then it puts the age of 90 in better perspective. If anyone might want to consider me “disabled,” however, then I suggest we have a little talk about this.

Keeping a positive state of mind is the best thing one can do to remain healthy, both mentally and physically. I could not name one single person whom I hate and I love all my “fellow man.”  I talk to everyone on the check-out line, and do not expect the world to keep me entertained. I say I have a “built-in enjoyer.”

I hope the Good Lord sees fit to let me stay around for a while. I have such a wonderful life and love every minute of it. And I say thanks, every single morning.

You are a darling and I thank you.

Corinne McGeorge
Village of Haverstraw

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