Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco recognized 24 police officers who have made a significant impact in supporting local efforts to eliminate drunk driving.

In 2017, a total of 839 people were arrested in Rockland County for driving while intoxicated.

“839 DWI-related arrests were made by law enforcement agencies in Rockland in 2017, as compared to 795 in 2016,” said County Executive Day. “These numbers demonstrate that our local law enforcement agencies are working hard to remove irresponsible motorists that choose to drive drunk on our roads and endanger innocent lives.”

Spring Valley Officer Khalid Parwanta took top honors with 51 DWI arrests, the most by any officer in Rockland County in 2017. This was the 13th consecutive year Officer Parwanta was honored.

Each of the 24 honorees made more than 10 drunk driving arrests on Rockland’s roadways in 2017.

“Rockland’s annual STOP-DWI awards honor individual law enforcement officers for their outstanding achievements in deterring drunk and impaired driving,” said Day. “On behalf of all residents of Rockland County, I thank you for a job well done. Your professionalism and dedication keep offenders off the roads and keep our families safe.”

“Thank you to all of our dedicated police officers for enforcing Rockland’s zero tolerance policy toward drunk drivers,” said STOP-DWI Coordinator Leslie Berger. “We will continue to educate our young people and members of the community on the ricks and fatal consequences of drinking and driving.”

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