Sarah Wallace making a difference in Rockland

Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace and her WNBC I-Team continue to contribute to journalism in Rockland County.

Since taking on the Rockland County beat, Wallace has had the scoop on several major news stories, helping to change the course of events to come. Recently, the Spring Valley FD finally received much needed equipment upgrades partly as a result of NBC coverage.

Outdated equipment in the department was a story Wallace took on back in 2016. A press statement by WNBC said, “In the aftermath of Sarah’s initial I-Team report, the New York State Labor Department..issued multiple violations against Spring Valley. Soon thereafter, the Village of Spring Valley voted to approve a $1.3 million bond to improve safety for local firefighters.”

Wallace joined local firefighters earlier this month to look at their new gear, which included GPS locators, a state-mandated rescue bailout system and a custom built pumper truck, which holds 1,000 gallons of water. The award-winning reporter told the Rockland County Times that petty political infighting had caused delay of the needed vote for the upgrades. She said it delights her to see her media spotlight used to bring positive change.

“It is particularly satisfying as a reporter when a story potentially helps to save lives,” Wallace said.

The NBC team has made a point to spread its resources around the metro area and not simply focus on what happens within the boundaries of New York City. Wallace said the I-Team is as committed to Rockland County as it is to Manhattan, or any other zip codes in the viewing area.

Wallace stories that became major fodder for the Rockland County Times and other local outlets include the uncovering of so-called “blockbusting” real estate tactics and the infamous Sloatsburg contaminated dirt pile.

Rockland County Times editor and publisher Dylan Skriloff applauded the WNBC I-Team. “I am encouraged by the attention the WNBC I-Team has given to Rockland County. When a journalist like Sarah Wallace casts her glare on Rockland, it helps to stir up information that benefits the general public and other journalists,” he said.

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