SUEZ has teamed up with Orange & Rockland Utilities (O&R) to promote SUEZ’s customer conservation program that offers significant rebates on the purchase of water-saving devices such as WaterSense labeled toilets and showerheads and ENERGY STAR certified washing machines. Through Orange & Rockland’s online marketplace,, Suez and O&R customers can purchase water and energy efficient products online that qualify for rebates from both utilities. The program strives to help customers save water and energy in turn lowering their utility bills.

Here in Rockland SUEZ customers can purchase qualified water-saving products online or at any major retailer and receive rebates of $100 on ENERGY STAR washing machines, $75 on WaterSense toilets and $15 on WaterSense showerheads. Customers can apply for post-purchase rebates by mailing in an application or completing it online on SUEZs’ website.  Rebates can also be redeemed instantly at Lowe’s in Orangeburg or Nanuet or on

The rebate program, which began June 2017 and will run through June 2022, has a goal of saving 1 million gallons per day (MGD) by 2020. Since its inception, approximately 1,500 rebates have been redeemed with a fairly even spread across the county between washing machines toilets and showerheads. Residential customers can purchase up to three showerheads, three toilets and one washing machine and earn $370 in rebates.

O&R expanded its own energy conservation program in 2016 featuring rebates on a wide variety of energy efficient products available for purchase online through their store. “By working with O&R, we are able to reach mutual residential customers more efficiently and ultimately increase the number of people who save money. In addition, the online access provides an opportunity for homeowners to skip the application process and receive instant rebates,” stated Bill Madden, Director of External Affairs for SUEZ in Rockland.

SUEZ’s program also allows commercial, multi-family and industrial customers to save money and water. Business customers that use large amounts of water can request free water audits that will identify ways to save money by installing water-efficient urinals, showerheads, toilets, washing machines and pre-rinse spray valves.

For more information about the rebate program, visit

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