Hi Tor Will Take Spring Valley Animals


County Executive Ed Day and Hi Tor Board of Directors President Debbie DiBernardo announced that the Hi Tor Animal Care Center will once again accept animals from the Village of Spring Valley Police Department and from residents of the Village. Rockland County will pay the upfront costs of housing and caring for the animals and then deduct the cost from Spring Valley’s sales tax receipts.

“We hoped that Spring Valley would do the right thing for their residents and pass the Inter-Municipal-Agreement at their village board meeting last evening but once again dysfunction reigned. We will not allow the inaction of Spring Valley’s government to negatively impact the lives of residents, either human or animal, within our county,” County Executive Day said. “Our priority all along was to ensure the welfare of these animals, Hi Tor needs Spring Valley to pay their fair share in order to properly care for the animals they receive.”

The Spring Valley Village Board met last night, May 2, and once again failed to pass the Inter-Municipal Agreement relating to the care of village animals. According to the Village’s own law passed in 2011, they are required to properly care for, shelter, feed and water any dog found unlicensed within the village. If they do not contract with the County and Hi Tor for these services they would be required by law to build their own shelter. The cost of which would be forced upon the residents of the village.

“We would like to thank Rockland County for finding a way to make this unfortunate situation work,” Hi Tor Board President Debbie DiBernardo said. “Hi Tor operates as a no-kill shelter and we are here to help all animals survive and thrive, however we must be able to operate on a fiscally sound business model or risk insolvency and the possibility of putting these animals lives at risk. We are happy that once again all animals in need in Rockland will be able to come here until they find their forever home.”

Rockland County will subtract the cost of the animal care from the Village of Spring Valley’s sales tax receipts.

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