Elmwood Playhouse presents “The Fox on the Fairway” as they continue their 70th Season


Elmwood Fox show
Photo Credit: Omar Kozarsky

NYACK – The 70th season at Elmwood commences with the lighthearted comedy, “The Fox on the Fairway” written by Ken Ludwig. Directed by Peter Garruba, the show tells the story of a friendly bet between two rival country clubs.

The Quail Valley Country Club has it all – golf, class and lots of booze. Executive Director, Henry Bingham (Stavros Adamides) has access to all the finer things in life, but is suddenly at risk of losing it all unless his club wins a big golf tournament against his revival Richard “Dickie” Bell (James Lugo) and the Crouching Squirrel Country Club.

Getting caught up in insults and egos, Henry finds himself making a bet against Dickie that includes hundreds of thousands of dollars and his beloved wife Muriel’s (Mariann Felice) antique shop.

Through twists and turns Henry finds himself betting his entire life’s worth on his newly hired, off-beat assistant, Justin (Russell Holland), who just so happens to be a golfing prodigy. Recently engaged to the ditzy cocktail waitress, Louise (Amelia Marino), Justin finds the weight of the world on his shoulders – and isn’t sure if he can handle it.

While the entire cast had great chemistry and comedic timing, the stand out of this show is seen with the Quail Valley Vice President, Pamela Peabody, played by the familiar Elmwood face Elaine D’Addezio. While Elaine can often be seen at Elmwood’s show entertaining audience members and selling 50/50 raffles, she commanded the stage with fabulous outfits, sophistication, and racy, well-times jokes.

A show filled with fun and laughter, “The Fox on the Fairway” can be appreciated by all ages. Including dramatic chase scenes, off-stage banter and third wall breaking jokes, it’s another adorable Elmwood show that you won’t want to miss.

“Fox on the Fairway” will run weekends through June 2 at Elmwood Playhouse, located at 10 Park Street in Nyack. For tickets and more information visit elmwoodplayhouse.com.

PRODUCTION AND CREW: Bill Mentz, Scenic Design; Mike Gnazzo, Lighting and Sound Design; Zach Chambers, Lighting Design; Kathy Fisher, Costume Design; Sondra Rosoff, Costume Design; Crawford Devo, Technical Director; Debbi Fleckenstein, Producer; Christine Kavanagh, Production Stage Manager; Sam Negin, Assistant to the Director; Beverly Huff, Prop Design.

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