County Executive’s Corner: “Our Strength is Our Diversity”

By County Executive Ed Day

During my inauguration, I pledged to increase my efforts in support of uniting our beloved county. Much of Rockland’s strength comes from our diversity. A diversity of cultures, religions and ideas that when properly focused can bring us all closer together.

This week, my office, with the help of the Rockland Human Rights Commission held an Interfaith Symposium at Rockland Community College. We invited representatives of the major religions that have a following in Rockland to attend and deliver presentations.

I want to share with you the same message I delivered to those in attendance. We are all Rocklanders, we all chose to live in this beautiful county for the same reasons. Desiring good schools, safe neighborhoods, excellent recreational activities and top-notch government services.

We must work together to foster a better understanding of our neighbors and break down the mental walls that have divided us for far too long. Building bridges is one message that was preached by each and every faith represented at the Symposium. Despite sometimes following different paths we all share the same goals for ourselves and our community.

Events like the Symposium are just one of the added steps we are taking to ensure a clear understanding that much more joins us than divides us. We have so much in common: the air we breathe; our dreams for our families; the environment around us; and the blood that courses through our veins. We must continue to find ways to narrow the divide.

Thank you to those who attended and presented; you are the start of something much larger than a single event, you are helping to broaden the understanding of diversity here in Rockland County.

I believe in the promise of this county. The promise of all of you. The promise that we can improve upon what we have already built and give future generations a chance to make Rockland their own.

We share a common destiny. Our future is dependent on all of us not only working together but coming together. Truly unifying this county and proving to everyone what we already know, that it is the greatest county in the State of New York.

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