Carlucci’s Column: A Memorial Day Message


Memorial Day is the time we remember and honor the thousands of servicemembers who died while serving our country. It is a somber holiday filled with great meaning for many.

This Memorial Day when we are spending time with our loved ones at a barbecue let’s take time to remember, reflect, and say a prayer for the brave and selfless men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.

For some families their gatherings will be a little less crowded, because they gave up a son, a daughter, a brother, or a sister.

Sadly, since 9/11 we have lost 6,952 patriots in Afghanistan and Iraq, some from right here in Rockland County. May their loyalty to country not be cast in vain, but honored.

This Memorial Day Weekend in Rockland there will be remembrance ceremonies and services, parades, and watch fires. I encourage residents to take part with their children and recognize our fallen heroes and support our Gold Star families.

The choice men and women make to volunteer for the armed forces to preserve our freedom and democracy does not go forgotten, and the sacrifice many of their families have had to make does not go forgotten.

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