Letter from Tennessee woman contacted by Stony Point animal hoarder

To the Editor,

Louis Jerome Adler

The man Jerome Adler named in your article as being charged with 44 counts of animal abuse and neglect called me in Teennesse on April 26 and 27, 2018 seeking to adopt my husky. He planned to fly to Nashville meet up with a friend at the airport then swing by my home to pick her up and drive back to New York on the evening of April 27. I had an odd, feeling so I googled the name on my caller ID, Dorothy and Jerry Adler in New York.

That is when I discovered your news articles. I called local police in his area and they verified your stories and immediately recognized his name. Police advised me not to give him my husky. They are aware he has been looking and seeking out huskies since his were taken. I bet they had no idea that he was willing to fly to Nashville Tn to get dogs until I called them.

I called Mr. Adler back and informed him I discovered his abuse and would not be adopting my husky to him. He at first stated, “I have no idea what your talking about.” Then I stated I called police in his town. He replied, “If that’s how you feel okay.”

(Name withheld)

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