OMBUDSMAN ALERT UPDATE: Carlucci explains his continued support of (S)7545

The Center for Auto Safety issued an alert recently advising that NY Senate bill 7545 should be revised to better protect consumers. Co-sponsor Senator David Carlucci stands by the original wording of the bill.

He told the Ombudsman Alert, “Under New York state law all vehicles must be safe and roadworthy in order to be sold. However, dealers have been caught selling used vehicles under recall for dangerous safety issues, which they did not disclose to consumers. 

“This legislation would ensure consumers are made fully aware of these recalls by requiring dealers disclose them in their advertisements, on the vehicle with a written notice, and at the time of sale. Currently these protections are not on the books, putting consumers at risk.”

Sen. Carlucci added that this legislation has the support of  the New York State Automobile Dealers Association and the Rochester Automobile Dealers Association (RADA). Sen. Carlucci also said he understands the concerns of the auto safety groups and will look further into legislation requiring dealers to actually fix the recalls themselves.
He also said the current legislation would prevent a dealer from selling or leasing any car to a consumer that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a “stop drive order” on.

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