As records fall, Tuohy’s star continues to rise


She may still be the girl next door to friends and family in north Rockland, but Katelyn Tuohy, the 16-year-old cross country wunderkind, is carving her name in history along side the greats of her sport.

On Sunday, June 17 Tuohy not only took the national title at the New Balance Nationals Outdoor track and field championship in Greensboro, North Carolina; she broke the standing national record for a girls outdoor mile. Tuohy raced her mile in 4:33:87, breaking Polly Plummer’s record of 4:35:24 set in 1982.

It’s the third national record Tuohy has shattered this year. All before she graduated 10th grade.

Tuohy told local media outlets she has more in the tank and can run even faster. She’s already being discussed as a future Olympic contender. The world has taken notice. The New York Times recently minted Tuohy, “America’s Next Great Running Hope,” predicting a future of gold, silver and bronze medals.

Bronxville coach Jim Mitchell told the New York Times, “She might be the best high school runner ever already.”

It will be a thrill to see what Tuohy accomplishes in her junior and senior year campaigns at North Rockland High School. 

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