Ombudsman Alert: SIGN GATE! Andrew Cuomo’s Re-Election Campaign Benefits from his Plunder of Public Monies to Change the Name of the TZ Bridge

Hundreds of signs decorate yards In Rockland saying NO to renaming of Tappan Zee Bridge


The Ombudsman Alert would like to add his further note to last week’s article: ‘Signs’ of the Times Don’t Bode Well for Current Governor:

The piece demonstrated the corruption that surrounds Cuomo’s office and our state’s growing deficit, as well as the spending of millions of dollars on erecting highway signs extolling the virtues of our state-under his leadership.

Cuomo’s insistence that the TZ bridge be re-named bearing the Cuomo title only which would cost the taxpayers many more millions for the removal of Tappan Zee signs and their replacement by Cuomo signs. The Ombudsman Alert can only conclude that these measures were purposely designed to bolster Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign by giving him tens of millions of dollars in free advertising, with the bill being footed by taxation of his unknowing electorate!

For the above reasons The Ombudsman Alert has given the name “SIGN-GATE” to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Re- Election Campaign! The Ombudsman Alert suggests that all of our readers, Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, alike, take this into consideration when going into the voting booth this fall.

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