County Executive’s Corner: “Standing Up to Hate”

By County Executive Day

As many of you know on Saturday, June 30th there was an incident of hate on a Transport of Rockland bus in Orangetown. But that phrase, “incident of hate” doesn’t fully describe what happened, a woman hurled disgusting racial and ethnic epithets at fellow passengers on this bus. I refuse to accept this type of behavior in Rockland County.

Thankfully quick action was taken by the bus driver who reported the incident, the passengers who stayed calm despite her tirade and abuse, and the police from Orangetown and the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department who responded and placed this woman under arrest.

Now, while some are focusing on this woman’s hateful speech as being indicative of Rockland County I am seeing the exact opposite. The responses of all involved: law enforcement, bus employees, passengers and all of those on social media who commented or shared these videos clearly show that there is no place for this type of hate filled speech in Rockland County.

That’s not however where this story ends. Rockland County government proactively reached out to the passenger who recorded these videos to connect him with our Commission on Human Rights. He’s now met with Commissioner Frazier to discuss what happened and what more can be done.

I could not be prouder of the people in this wonderful County. One deranged individual hurls hate laced invectives and what happens? In unanimity, the bus driver takes action; law enforcement responds and apprehends this individual; the passengers roundly reject the woman’s rants; and videos are posted with comments that totally reject the hate filled speech.

The message I want to leave you with is this; instead of focusing on the hateful speech of one, let us recognize what I have always maintained, this is a great County with wonderful and fair-minded people who reject hate in all its forms. I am so proud of my neighbors once again!

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