Probable Fraud Involving Rockland County Conservative Party Committee Petitions

38 out of 44 petitions filed with the Rockland County Board of Elections on July 16 contain errors that should render them invalid. Although provided with evidence that would invalidate all 38 petitions, both Board of Elections Commissioners stated that petitions are presumed valid unless a General Objection form is filed from registered voters in each affected election district. They do not conduct investigations of petitions.

8 petitions have Ramapo candidates nominated for committee positions in election districts within Orangetown. 3 petitions do not contain the legal number of signers to be considered valid. 16 individuals signed these 38 petitions. Each contains a signature that is the same on either one or two other petitions. Two Ramapo Conservative Party members witnessed all 38 invalid petitions.

I believe this to be an illegitimate attempt to take over the Conservative Party and to manipulate the electoral process in Rockland County.


  • Thomas DePrisco
    Pearl River

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