Teenager named president of Hudson Valley Bottle Club; Prepares for 31st Annual Mid-Hudson Bottle Show

Alex Prizgintas (right) the new president of the Hudson Valley Antique Bottle Club stands next to Mike Stephano who retired from the presidency. They are holding a poster for the August 19 Bottle Show in Poughkeepsie.

The Hudson Valley Bottle Club appointed Alex Prizgintas its new president this June and at 18 he is the youngest member to ever hold the position.

“I am fortunate to inherit the presidency from Mike Stephano who has done an exceptional job. He has presided over the growth of the Bottle Club’s August show, which in my opinion, has become one of the best antique and bottle shows in the Hudson Valley. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the show, I would encourage you to stop by on August 19 and learn a little more about our region’s history in glass production, maybe bring an antique bottle from home to learn more about both it’s history and value, and pick up a bottle or two to either start a collection or decorate your home,” explains Prizgintas. “The Hudson Valley has a rich history in glass, bricks, dairy, and railroads; learning about our heritage creates a stronger bond to our community.”

Alex Prizgintas will be attending Marist College in the fall with a double major in both History and Music. “I’m glad I will be attending college here in the Hudson Valley which has nurtured my deep respect and understanding for our past.”

For more information about the Hudson Valley Bottle Show (or bricks, dairy and railroads!), contact Prizgintas at 845-774-9723.

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