THE OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Preventing Heat Stroke for Children Left in Cars

By Dr. Louis Alpert

The Ombudsman Alert has worked with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Of Illinois who has co-sponsored bills with our own Congresswoman Nita Lowey on matters of auto safety strongly supported by this column more than a year ago.

As a result of our relationship, the congresswoman has now directly sent me a most critical press release concerning the urgent matter of preventing deaths of young children left in HOT cars which, alarmingly, has been reported in increasing numbers over this current year!


“So far in 2018, 29 young lives have been lost to heatstroke inside vehicles. That’s nearly one life lost every week. We cannot allow this quiet epidemic to continue, especially as these tragedies are preventable. By marking National Heatstroke Prevention Day, I hope we can raise awareness, and encourage Americans to stay vigilant by ‘looking before they lock’ as this blisteringly hot summer goes on.

“I also believe it is time that Congress address these deaths. I was proud to see Hot Cars Language pass the House as part of the bipartisan Self-Drive Act last year, but we need it to become law. I encourage my colleagues to join me as cosponsors of the Hot Cars Act and hope that we can move it forward and enshrine it into law as soon as possible. Children are dying preventable deaths – we cannot afford to wait.”

The Ombudsman Alert encourages all of our readers to contact congresswoman Lowey as well as our two NY US Senators to co-sponsor bills in both the Senate and the House supporting this vital legislation.

Please address all comments and questions to [email protected].

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