Inside Artist Studios, Children’s Shakespeare Theater and a one-year old Playful Yoga Space at Bell-ans

Orangeburg, NY – Visit the studios of artists and craftspeople and creative enterprises during the 2018 Open House at Bell-ans Center for Creative Arts on Saturday, September 15th from 2pm to 6pm.

All day shuttle buses will move visitors over the mountain and through the woods from the Great Nyack Get Together.

Closing reception for Volition Gallery’s Uprising: The Art of Subculture, a celebration of the bold, edgy and provocative. The exhibit features the work of over 40 artists of various media from around the globe curated by Sona Viola.

Participating artists are from Italy, Canada, Atlanta, Maryland, NYC, Connecticut, Brooklyn, and local community artists including Bill Batson, Jeffrey Bisaillon, Marisol Diaz, Dana Fournier, Dan Lukens, Gunnar Magnus. (images attached)

Celebrate visual arts from the Hudson Valley and Bushwick, Brooklyn. Open Studios Day honors the creative process, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to meet a wide variety of local artists and craftspeople in their studios, and purchase high quality, original artwork. Visit the workspace of intensely autobiographic painter Lynn Stein and the large scale outdoor sculptor James Garvey among many others.

Friends of Bell-ans, Bill Batson Marisol Diaz, Dina Levy, Dan Springer, Uriel Shlush-Reyna, Joe Crow Ryan, Chris Yacopino will also have work on display.

The stage and set of the Children’s Shakespeare Theater will also be open, as will many of the other micro-industries that call Bell-ans home.

Bell-ans is proud to congratulate Naomi Camilleri, the founder and owner of Playful Yoga Space on her one-year anniversary. Camilleri began practicing yoga in 2001, and immediately fell in love. Focusing exclusively on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga at first, her practice gradually broadened to incorporate elements of other yogic traditions.

“From my very first class I knew that yoga was more than just a practice on the mat, but a way of life, an opening and awakening of the mind, and a vehicle to self-realization of the spirit,” Camilleri said.

“There are many ways to expand your consciousness here at Bell-ans,” said Phyllis Dodge, creative director and owner. “Kids and families can find fitness, wellness, dramatic and visual arts in a bucolic setting that’s close to home…there really is no place like Bell-ans…”

Founded in 1897, the historic Bell-ans building celebrated its 120th anniversary last year. Bell-ans is located at 4 Bell Lane in Orangeburg NY. For more details, please call 845-596-0870 or visit

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