Stony Point may sell Patriot Hills Golf Course to private interests


Patriot Hills Golf Course has been rated one of the best, but its care, as well as the wear and tear, have been a financial burden to the town of Stony Point taxpayers.

That may come to an end, and with it the crumbling buildings of Letchworth Village, if the potential buyer, Patriot Hills LLC, deems it a good investment and takes over the course, completes the construction of the catering facility and adds amenities, including a hotel.

Supervisor Jim Monaghan said the town received the property as a gift, but time has since proven the upkeep of the golf course is a net tax burden to town residents. The proposed owners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the town and will give Stony Point $10,000 a month while it does its own due diligence study on the feasibility of adding a hotel, upgrading the golf course’s landscaping and club.

The new owners also said they would tear down the majority of the historic stone buildings that housed the Letchworth Village community for the “mentally handicapped.” Built in the early part of the 20th century, it was eventually closed in 1996, with dozens of buildings remaining in a state of total decay to this day.

Patriot Village LLC plans to renovate and improve the golf course and make it a semi-private club, but residents of Stony Point will still be able to take their clubs and hit the links. The potential owners are also going to pay the Town of Stony Point $10,000 a month while it conducts its feasibility study on renovating the golf course, putting a hotel on the property and what plans it has for the other hundreds of acres that once served the mentally-handicapped.

Patriot Hills LLC has also included in its MOU that it will build a new Senior Center, renovate the Kirkrite Court House and the ROE building, as well as building a new recreation center.

“Incredible Caterers has already let us know that are not going to renew their lease after 2019,” said Supervisor Jim Monaghan. “While we will receive $10,000 a month from the developer while the company does its due diligence, the town will also be conducting a due diligence review.

“We’ve done everything possible to maintain Patriot Hills,” said Councilman Jim Walsh, who was on the Board when the property was given to the town, “but we don’t have the funds to maintain it.  These potential buyers seem sincere in their quest to take over the golf course and make it a tax rateable. Right now, the cost of keeping up the golf course is costing our taxpayers money.  It means jobs for people in our community and rateables we need.”

The board also agreed to take out a $500,000 bond to make needed upgrades to its wastewater treatment facility, with Monaghan telling the repayment will be spread out so the repayment will not be borne by the taxpayers.

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