5 Tips to Cut Down the Costs of a BSN

Pursuing a medical degree needs serious investment, both financial and mental. If you are interested in becoming a nurse and you are currently pursuing your BSN degree, you will face the same financial issues that every student does.

Following, we are sharing some vital tips that will help you cut down on these costs, and help you complete your program.

1.  Buy Used Textbooks

Books deserve all the respect we can bestow upon them, but you can’t deny one thing, they are overpriced today. Yes, BSN students spend thousands of dollars on their books. However, what we all fail to realize is you don’t need to buy a new one. Yes, no law suggests that.

Contact a former student and ask if he still has his books. Work out a deal between with him. It helps to save a ton of money.

2.  Nursing Uniform

Nursing uniforms are just as expensive as textbooks. There are several different types of nursing uniforms today. You can easily buy one at your local store. You may need to tweak it at the start, but it will suffice.

3.  Nursing Supply Kit

The Supply Kit for clinical is important. It consists IV starters, Pen Light, Stethoscope, and other vital tools. You can easily find these kits at most bookstores, but they are always overpriced.

Heck, some schools even demand their students to buy a new kit for every semester. Avoid overpaying for these kits, and buy each tool separately. Yes, it will take some time, but in the end, you will get better tools for less money. Therefore, it’s worth the effort.

4.  Don’t Blow Money with NCLEX Study Guides

Most students blow their budget buying NCLEX Guides. Yes, it’s important that you study for the exam, but you don’t need more than two guides to prepare yourself. Two NCLEX guides provide enough help including your test-taking strategies and help you practice questions.

You can form a study group in which you will share the cost of buying books with your friends. This way, everyone in the group can use the material to study without having to pay. Moreover, studying in a group helps you learn faster and better as you discover new techniques and don’t procrastinate.

5.  Cut Down Your Living Costs

It’s obvious; you need to control your everyday expenses if you want to make it through your BSN. Don’t eat out; it costs you. Instead, take your time to make a sack lunch. This benefit both your health and your wallet.

You need to take your car every day. Save gas money by carpooling. Yes, put your social skills to good use, and make a group. Split the costs for everyone. Although not free, it can help you save a lot of money in the end.

Pursuing your BSN degree doesn’t have to be expensive. Just be smart, and make a few sacrifices here and there. Cutting your living costs is an affordable way to get your BSN

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