Sex Crime Charges Against Nyack Chiropractor Stall in Court

By Joel Grossbarth

The criminal sex charges against a Nyack chiropractor against a minor female patient continue to meander through the Village of South Nyack Justice Court. Kristina Wodicka was arrested over a year ago and charged with sexual abuse in the first degree, a class D felony. However, since her arrest, the felony charges levied against Wodicka have been reduced to only misdemeanor charges. However, if convicted, Wodicka still faces up to one year in county jail and might have to register as a sex offender.

There have been several delays in the case, which include the recusal of the South Nyack Village Justice Dennis Lynch and motion practice submitted by the defendant’s attorney. The case is currently being presided over by Acting Justice Thomas Mascola. The most recent delay was due to Wodicka hiring a new attorney to represent her in the proceedings. Wodicka was previously represented by Beth Finkelstein, Esq. and now is represented by Mahmoud Rabah, a Queens-based attorney. Calls to Mr. Rabah’s office for comment were not returned.

According to papers filed with South Nyack Justice Court, a detective has accused Wodicka of sexual conduct against the minor female patient over a period of several months. The alleged conduct includes putting her hands underneath the minor’s shirt, touching her breasts and inserting fingers into her vagina. According to papers filed by in court, Wodicka allegedly met with a detective and, after being informed of her Miranda warnings, voluntarily stated that she diagnosed the minor with a hiatal hernia and placed her hands on pressure points on her upper chest, below her breasts, stomach and around her hips. Wodicka also allegedly stated that she studied chiropractic medicine in Oregon where she practiced giving breast and vaginal exams. Wodicka also allegedly informed the detective that she might have crossed “some boundaries” while treating the minor patient.

According to the South Nyack Detective, Wodicka allegedly told the minor “don’t tell [your] mom, she wouldn’t understand the treatment we are doing.” Wodicka also allegedly claimed that the minor had past lives haunting her and Wodicka had to scare them off. After allegedly touching the victim, Wodicka told the minor “they are gone.”

Wodicka has since moved from her Nyack residence as notices from the court have been returned as undeliverable. She is next due in court on November 5, 2018.

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