Your Next Surgery Doesn’t Have to Be in a Hospital

Ramapo Valley Surgical Center Offers Healthy, Safe and Same Day Alternative

Surgical centers, similar to Bergen County’s Ramapo Valley Surgical Center in Ramsey, NJ, reflect an emerging new model for healthcare that is popping up nationwide – and becoming an increasingly attractive treatment option for those needing specialized medical procedures. These surgical centers provide an appropriate and safe place to take care of minimally invasive procedures.

The growth of such facilities has been bolstered by advances in treatment technologies that make them viable. In fact, each year more than 23 million procedures are performed at surgical centers throughout the US.

What makes these centers more attractive than the traditional hospital?

One of the key benefits of surgical centers is that patients who visit them are much less likely to come away with a potentially deadly infection. Each day, one out of 25 patients in the U.S. contracts a hospital-acquired infection resulting in billions of wasted dollars on additional treatments and a staggering 90,000 patient deaths annually. The chief catalyst behind these infectious transmissions is an extended period of time in the hospital, surrounded by unhealthy people, where the chances of infection increase with the length of a patient’s stay.

A surgical center like Ramapo Valley, which serves as an outpatient medical facility, providing surgical procedures to patients in Rockland, Orange, Bergen and Westchester counties, adheres to all the same hygienic principles as a hospital, but with patients leaving not long after they arrive, the risk of exposure is significantly lessened. And there is essentially no exposure to infections harboured by other patients who are in the center.

Rapid recovery times are also an attractive feature surgical centers provide. While the prospect of an overnight hospital stay remains intimidating to most patients, surgical centers are designed to get the patient back home as quickly as possible. Highly qualified anaesthesiologists at Ramapo Valley Medical Center, for instance, administer anaesthetic doses that leave the patient fully recovered and back on their feet the same day as their procedure. For people with busy lives, that becomes a favorable option.

Ramapo Valley Surgical Center was founded in 2006 by a group of local doctors. In 2012, the Center partnered with VIRTUA Health, a non-profit healthcare system that operates a network of hospitals, surgery centers, and physician practices throughout New Jersey. Care is directed by the doctors and coordinated with their select team of nurses and outpatient specialists. It’s for this reason, many local residents are finding surgical centers like Ramapo Valley to be a healthcare game-changer.

“Surgical centers provide patients with specialized – if generally routine – procedures without using up hospital resources that are better off reserved for those requiring critical or extensive health care treatments,” explains Ramapo Valley’s medical director, Dr. Monte J. Goldstein. “We have some of the best local specialists on hand to perform patient treatments and get them back to the demands of their lives as quickly as possible.”

Ramapo Valley Surgical Center is appropriately equipped to perform a variety of procedures and surgeries by different types of physicians including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, podiatry, general surgery, pain management, urology, gynecology, and spine surgery. Most of the procedures performed are of the elective type, although there are also some non-elective procedures, such as thyroid surgery, available. One of the latest medical procedures on-offer includes a revolutionary new 3-D eye surgery that can repair retinas and cataracts with exacting precision.

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