Letter to the editor: Partisan Politics Wins….Clarkstown Taxpayers & Rockland County Loses! An Opportunity Lost

To the Editor,

My name is Scott Milich and I am a lifelong resident of New City. I am the sales associate from the Goldstein Group that was working with the potential developer/purchaser of the Sain Building. I still cannot believe it is three (3) years since the County announced that they would sell the property in an effort to close a budget gap,retire debt and rid the county of a building that was in need of costly repairs.. Well, since the idea was not “hatched” by the Democrat led Legislature, it went nowhere. The legislators were too busy resisting, obstructing, opposing and rejecting sound fiscal policies from the County Executive’s office.

The purchaser, National Development, has a proven track record of developing and operating over 35 senior housing communities. An important and needed aspect of the project was an Alzheimer’s patient resident component something our community was lacking. There is an alarming shortage of memory care options in Rockland County for families with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s; the problem is exacerbated by unintended development barriers that municipalities have created. There are an estimated 4,500 Rockland residents with Alzheimer’s and the number is growing quickly. Rockland County has capacity for only 48 people to live in a licensed memory care assisted living residence. For comparison, Westchester County’s capacity is 491, more than ten times Rockland’s supply.

I will never understand why Legislator Aney Paul, Legislator Low-Hogan and Legislator Cornell would turn their backs on the constituents of Clarkstown. Now for partisan politics. At one point Legislator Paul changed her vote after it became apparent that the Democrats had enough votes to block the sale. She knew her vote would not count. Politics over her Clarkstown constituents. Shameful. The benefits to the County and Clarkstown had they proceeded with the project are as follows:

Economic – The County would have seen a $6.5 million benefit by receiving payment in the amount of $4.5 million on the sale and eliminating the need to spend $2 million on environmental remediation of asbestos, demolition and construction. Moreover, the local tradespeople l lost, specifically, the creation of 100 construction jobs to develop the site, injecting millions of dollars into Rockland County’s economy. Additionally, job seekers lost. The creation of 50 jobs once the project is operating generating $3 million in salaries and benefits. The New City local business owner lost. Families will not be going to restaurants and shopping on Main Street. No flowers will be purchased for their loved ones living is this residence. Finally, the real kicker!!! EVERYONE IN CLARKSTOWN SHOULD BE OUTRAGED….our children and grandchildren lost! We will not receive over $500,000 annually in school and town taxes. That is money that would be generated in perpetuity.

Overall, the Democrat led Legislature prefers “politics not solutions.” On the other hand, I firmly believe in “Solutions NOT Politics!” Send a good old fashion thank you note to your Clarkstown Legislator that voted against YOU, the hardworking taxpayer:

Harriet Cornell – District 10

Nancy Low-Hogan, Ph.D. Vice Chairwoman District 17

Aney Paul Majority Leader District 14

11 New Hempstead Road

New City, NY 10956

What’s the future of the Sain Building? Can the Clarkstown Democrat Legislators help get the property sold? I suggest you go ahead and ask them! Ask them to declare the Sain property surplus.


Scott Milich

New City

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