Carlucci’s Column: Standing Up Against MTA Fare Hike

Rockland riders cannot afford a 2 percent or more increase by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) on train fares and tolls. Rockland County is already lacking adequate rail service despite our residents paying $42 million more to the MTA than we receive in services from NJ Transit.

Worse, the MTA and NJ Transit won’t offer Rockland riders a fare discount, while West of Hudson commuters are hit with service delays and train cancellations due to late efforts to install Positive Train Control. Rockland riders cannot continue to be treated like second class citizens, while New Jersey riders are extended a 10% fare discount.

We need the MTA and NJ Transit to stop pointing the finger at one another and put our riders first before we can entertain fare hikes. Clearly, increasing funding has not improved service over the years so I will be advancing legislation (S.1164) to have a forensic audit done of the MTA’s budget before any new revenues can be appropriated.

Until necessary improvements are made, I cannot and will not support any fare hikes for the MTA.

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