NY’s Abortion Law Drastically Reduces Protections For Pregnant Women and Viable Fetuses

To the Editor,

The recently enacted New York State abortion law, Reproductive Health Act, states that “every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term (and) to give birth to a child…”

Yet our State Legislators fully removed the fundamental rights and protections that pregnant women previously had when this new law repealed all of the abortion-related Penal Law and Public Health Law statutes. These former laws protected women and viable fetuses from individuals who would intend to cause miscarriages and also provided consequences for these actions. They also protected babies born during a failed abortion procedure.

Were our state legislators and governor fully aware of the ramifications of this new law? Shame on each and every one of them for drastically reducing the protections of pregnant women and unborn viable fetuses.

Thomas DePrisco
Pearl River

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