Virtual Reality Gaming Comes to Rockland

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By Joe Kuhn

Virtual reality gaming has come to the Palisades Mall thanks to VR Exodrome, a virtual reality [VR] lounge that offers state-of-the-art and highly immersive entertainment. Owned and operated by father/daughter duo Anna and Alexander Karpman, VR Exodrome is packed with all kinds of exciting gaming experiences. The arcade features virtual mazes, roller coaster simulators, and even competitive cyber sports.

Thanks to their all-encompassing VR technology, gamers who visit VR Exodrome feel like they are really a part of the cyber world. Flight simulators and racing games are played in rigs that move in tandem with the on-screen action and dangle players upside down to complete the illusion of soaring through the air. Exojets are bigger machines that move 360 degrees.

Cyber sports and shooting games are played with custom headsets that allow players to walk around freely and interact with the game world on a thrilling new level. Whether they’re blasting zombies, soaring through a city skyline, or just enjoying a relaxing ride on a swing, gamers will truly feel like they have stepped into an exciting new reality.

VR Exodrome utilizes cutting-edge VR technology developed by the owners themselves and built by the same companies that manufacture spacecraft parts. Karpman, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, has spent years developing her craft and perfecting VR Exodrome’s unique line up of VR games. All of the games feature state-of-the-art graphic and audio technology, and are specially designed to be played on VR Exodrome’s one of a kind machines.

VR Exodrome offers unique and thrilling entertainment suitable for the whole family. The virtual reality lounge is available to host birthday parties, cooperate events, and is even planning tournaments for more competitive gamers. Stop in soon and witness the future of gaming entertainment.

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