Magnetic Eye Massager – Indications & Principle of Action

Every modern person uses a computer. Someone is forced to spend hours in front of the pc because of his profession and work type, whereas others simply spend all their free time in front of the monitor screen watching movies, chatting with friends, or reading online books. All this leads to serious problems with the eyes. Severe fatigue and tearing, eye redness and itching are clear signs of eye strain. In such situations, the best assistant to solve the issue will be a magnetic eye massager. This device not only relieves fatigue but also performs other functions that have a positive effect on the general body condition and health of a person.

How Does the Device Work?

The principles of the eye massager work are associated with the stimulating effect on active points. Vibration and magnetic stimulation are tantamount to a massage effect. The back side of the massager is equipped with silicone nozzles, similar to “fingertips,” which actually do the massage. The device works with a miniature electric motor causing the vibration of silicone pads. Each model has an installation program that regulates the operation of the magnetic eye massager.

The design of the device is made in the form of glasses of a comfortable and aesthetic look. The control unit of the massager is remote, which provides additional comfort during its use. The power supply comes from standard (little fingers) batteries so that you can always take the device with you and carry out the procedure, regardless of the presence of the power grid. What is more, there is also the possibility of using the network. For this, you need to purchase a network adapter.

What Are Eye Massagers Intended for?

The devices are designed for a wide range of consumers. In particular, these are schoolchildren and students, as they suffer from the strongest visual load as a result of working with textbooks and computers. However, the category of older people is also included in the map of device consumers. These are the positive effects of a magnetic eye massager:

  • relieving tension and fatigue;
  • stimulation of blood supply to the eyeball;
  • elimination of headaches;
  • prevention of myopia and hyperopia;
  • sleep quality improvement;
  • contribution to the normalization of intracranial and ocular pressure;
  • effective removal of dark circles and swelling under the eyes;
  • positive effect on the skin around the eyes.

It is obvious that the device is very useful regardless of the age of a person using it. As a result of regular use of the device, the skin around the eyes becomes healthier; eyesight gets better; the eyes become “stress-resistant.” In some cases, an eye massager also solves sleep problems (if they were associated with eyestrain).

Vibrating massage expands blood vessels, improves blood circulation, and helps cells actively saturate with oxygen. It eliminates puffiness, pain and relieves stress. After the vibratory massage, you will feel refreshed and strong. The massager will help you relax, strengthen your health, and lift your spirits. This is the best gift for a person who spends a lot of time at the computer or behind the wheel. The therapeutic effect is manifested in a few weeks already.

However, it is critical that you purchase the product at specialized points of sale, where you will be provided with all the quality certificates and get a warranty card for the tool. The quality of the device is highly important. There you will receive the guarantee and the possibility to ask for additional service in case of the necessity. At the same time, you will be sure about the quality of the purchased item.


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