Anticipation Builds for Mobile World Congress 2019

The excitement about the Mobile World Congress 2019 cannot be contained now.

The event is just around the corner, set to take place February 24, 2019. As the conference nears, the tech business people including mobile technology innovators and technology enthusiasts are holding their cards close to their chests. The mobile devices now, practically rule the business world. They run our lives, and cannot be ignored. There is no doubt that the Mobile World Congress is the largest of its kind in our time. The big event is scheduled to take place in Barcelona Spain as from February the 24th.

To be revealed at the conference

As usual, many rumors surround the approaching event. There is already a ton of news in the offing. Some of the information is pure imagination, while a bit of it might really come to pass. The event organizers have been accused of fueling the rumor mill because they are economical with the facts of the conference. However, there is some news that you can count on.

The Announcements

Samsung is rumored to have signaled to their intention to be unveiling something out of the box. There is already the buzz around the Samsung Galaxy S series; ranging from the S 10 to S 10 plus and S 10 E. The premium segment is rumored to be unveiling something from the bag too. Therein the Samsung bags lies the rumor of the Galaxy S 10X coming with a 6.7- inch screen. There is a rumor of a foldable phone making an appearance too. The company has also signaled that there may be wireless earbuds on the way.

The LG bags

Well, from experience we know that LG is keen to showcase its innovative prowess. Mobile device enthusiasts can reliably expect LG to throw in a couple of new innovations to be revealed at the conference. One of the easy guesses that you can bet will be showcased on day one of the event is the G8 model. Some leaked information points to really interesting tweaks on the device. The device is said to feature a depth sensor, a camera on the front place and a host of AR software. You should also expect a range of spec bumps and upgrades of cameras. Yet, with a conference of such magnitude, you should never really limit yourself to specific areas. There is always a surprise coming up.

Vibrating Screen

If it turns out to be true, it will be yet another pacesetter in the innovation. Have you ever imagined of a phone with a vibrating screen? Well, prepare yourself. There just might be a smartphone of that nature and more. LG seems to carry many tricks up its sleeve. LG is one of the companies that is highly touted to dominate the conference. It remains to be seen whether it will indeed follow through the threats doing rounds.


Other companies that promise to throw a spanner in the works include Sony. While Sony has had a big name in the electronics industry including TV and digital sound systems, it has not performed very well in the mobile segment. However, you can never really rule Sony out of anything to do with technology.

The prize competition

Apart from the glamour of direct competition, the Mobile World Conference has organized a contest for the most innovative technology business startup. There are already five contestants that have been chosen to be revealed at the conference. The winner of the contest will walk away with a handsome 300, 000 Euros.

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