How to Wear Clothes in the Sporty Chic Style?


If you have ever googled sporty chic, you probably know how the models of this style look like. It seems that these girls try to get ready for work after a great party. However, you should look closely at, especially if you try to find a girlfriend for your brother and sporty chic style, which can turn out to be the very one you are looking for. The key moment is to know how to make an image in a sporty style.

  1. Choose moderately.

The main problem of sporty chic is to make up an image and not look like a girl of easy virtue. So, you should better choose clothes moderately. Focus on one sports element, such as pants. Bright trouser stripes will make you stand out immediately, it means that there is no point in focusing more on your sports enthusiasm. If you are not used to falling out of the pan into the fire, as opposed to the competent opinion of beauty bloggers, you can choose office casual outfit, consisting of sports pants, white shirt, checkered jacket and classic or “unsportsmanlike” shoes.

  1. Do not panic, do not combine.

To fit a square peg into a round hole is your motto if you want to wear sporty chic. Fifteen years ago, your mom could say, “You cannot wear sports clothes with heels!” However, today, you can forget about that. It’s sporty chic. You should take things, which don’t match each other. For example, if you have flared trousers with stripes, then forget about the sneakers. You will have to run away from the fashionable police, being on heels. If you put on a sports sweatshirt, then blow off the dust from the evening accessories because you need an extravagant handbag or a clutch. The image that will conquer your heart is the red Adidas bomber jacket and shoes made of patent leather. In winter, choose a velvet jacket and patent leather boots.

  1. Show more eroticism.

Take luxury shoes and combine them with sportswear. The longer the heel is, the higher the self-esteem should be. The patent leather will once again prove that you’ve perfectly learned the main lesson on fashion. Sporty chic is good because it allows you to wear evening clothes in the morning, in the afternoon and, in fact, in the evening. Wherever you go, you need to look chic. Do not hesitate to put on big earrings, a pair of sexy shoes and go to conquer the world with a little spring in your step. If you have already got a pair of red boots, then you are a lucky one.

  1. Choose bright colors.

2018 is the official year of bright colors. There is complete freedom to choose any bright color you want. However, pay special attention to blue, white or red panties. Total black is just one love, it is chic, sober and just perfect.

  1. Do not forget about the dress.

Any chic has not been without a beautiful dress, and sporty chic is not an exception. This is just the case when you can put on your favorite warm hoodie, still remaining an amazing woman. Do you remember those winter mornings, when you thought about the summer dresses with longing, but, just in case, did not get out of the warm hoodie? Nowadays, these two elements of clothing can and should be combined. One of the best options is a silk dress with a long sweatshirt. It looks sloppy and feminine at the same time, and this is the very freedom, which a modern girl does not have. Do not forget about warm clothes, boldly wear a down jacket and heavy boots.

The last and most important rule is that you should feel comfortable in the clothes that you put on. If you doubt that the bright skirt and red boots are your style, then start with more modest options. If you don’t like any accessories, do not wear them at all. If there is no suitable hoodie in the women’s store, go to the men’s one. Only you decide how and what to wear today.



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