TZ Construction a Quality of Life Burden for South Nyack/Grandview Residents

To the Editor,

As a resident of Grand View on Hudson living on the edge of South Nyack, I have to express my disappointment at how this area has been treated during the TZ Bridge construction process and the soon to be final product.

A portion of the Esposito Trail that our residents here used to enjoy has been blocked off and unavailable for use, some of this trail seems to have been permanently sacrificed so that persons from outside this area can park in this area and use the TZ Bridges pedestrian walkway. The area is currently an ugly eyesore.

The intersection on South Broadway in front of the South Nyack Police Station has gone from a fast moving three way stop, with southbound traffic not having to stop at all, to a traffic light where cars no matter which way they are going through the intersection, have to wait what seems like an infinite amount of time, as the small bridge that crosses over the Thruway is now one way at a time, and alternates between directions.

If one tries avoid the above chaos and use the small bridge over the Thruway near Clinton and South Franklin, you are met with construction workers stopping traffic who seem to be starting construction in the morning with what appears to be full synchronization with the morning rush hour. Because of this we are forced to drive through Nyack, not good for Nyack and not efficient for us.

The impact this construction has on locals has been managed poorly and our elected officials should demand better treatment of our residents.


James Foley
Grand View-on-Hudson
Republican candidate, Rockland County Legislature

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