Judge Thomas Walsh

Official press release from the campaign ofJudge Thomas Walsh, candidate for district attorney of Rockland County

NEW CITY, NY – The campaign of Judge Thomas Walsh (ret.) called on Kristen Zebrowski-Stavisky, the Democratic Party Chair, Rockland Commissioner of Elections, and sister to Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski – to recuse herself from all party and Board of Elections matters regarding the campaign for District Attorney.

According to a recent article in the Journal News, Ms. Zebrowski-Stavisky declared that she had recused herself as Board of Elections Commissioner with respect to her brother’s election. However, in response to a FOIL request inquiring about that recusal, Deputy Commissioner of Elections Kathleen Pietanza said that it was a verbal, not written recusal and that Ms. Zebrowski-Stavisky appointed Ms. Pietanza and Elissa Torregrossa, Democratic Chief Registrar, to oversee the the process. Like Ms. Zebrowski-Stavisky, Ms. Torregrossa appears as a member of the vacancy committee of Assemblyman Zebrowski’s petition for District Attorney.

“In the interest of the Democratic Party, we believe Kristen Zebrowski-Stavisky should not only recuse herself from overseeing the petition and primary process as Democratic Party Chair, she should also recuse herself from any and all election related matters pertaining to the District Attorney’s race, in her capacity as Board of Elections Commissioner,” Chris Smith, spokesman for the Walsh Campaign, said. “Furthermore, in light of Ms. Torregrossa being a member of Ken Zebrowski’s vacancy committee, it’s clear that the staff is compromised as well and should similarly recuse themselves from being involved in any and all election matters related to the District Attorney’s race. We need an independent monitor to oversee the election, and our campaign is calling on the State Board of Elections and Rockland County to intercede.

“As the sister of Assemblyman Zebrowski, it would be naive at best, to believe Kristen will oversee a transparent and independent process.” 

Smith concluded, “We would hope that Commissioner Zebrowski-Stavisky’s commitment to the Democratic principles of fairness, transparency and equal treatment will compel her to not only recuse herself, but to join in our call for an independent monitor to oversee the election.”

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