It’s Not Just About the Writing: Things Students Should Do When Writing an Essay

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By the time you get to college, you should have a reasonably good idea about how to write an essay. You will also be able to find guidelines in your course outline, and from previous examples provided by your teacher. In fact, many teachers make a point of passing around examples of essays and papers that achieved high grades and ones that got low ones. This is so that you will have a better idea of how to present your work.

There is more to the writing process than layout, research, and writing, however. Carry on reading to find out the things you should be doing every time you sit down to write an essay or paper.


Making sure your chair is comfortable and makes typing easier is an essential part of essay writing preparation. In fact, some students prefer not to sit at all. There are standing desk areas available in many campus libraries now. Give standing and typing a try if you have a paragraph or two to type out.


The environment in which you choose to type and research is as important as the words you write. Try to find a space that you enjoy working in, and alert everyone who invades that space to be respectful of your process. Research has shown that the chances of making a typo are significantly higher when you are interrupted by a loud noise or sudden movement. The place where you choose to write must be stress-free.


The device on which you choose to write should also be comfortable and ergonomically designed. The keyboard should have flat keys so that your fingers are not raised at a strange angle. Make some adjustments to the screen brightness to find the best setting for you, especially if you are working at night. Keep food and drink away from your equipment at all times. Keep it in your backpack or drawer, use it sitting away from your desk, and then return it to the correct place.

If all of this preparation has got you thinking to yourself: “I prefer someone to write my paper for me” – then you should look into hiring a custom academic writing service – they are the best way to get a well-written paper in the subject of your choice in time for submission.


Never mind spilling food crumbs or soda on your keyboard; some students don’t place enough importance on food and drink in general. This will be detrimental to your health in the long and short term and affect your concentration levels while writing. Set aside designated meal times and snack times and try to eat something healthy in one or two of them.

If you begin to control the conditions and facilities that surround you, you will find the writing process much. When you are well nourished, hydrated, and comfortable, then writing becomes stress-free.

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