Slot games to cure your boredom

Boredom can be a real problem.

With so much to do these days, with the likes of movie and television streaming services offering you all that choice, it can thought to decide to do anything at all. Luckily, we present you with a new way to beat your boredom, as with online slot games, fun is guaranteed at sites like DreamJackpot.

Whilst wins may not be guaranteed, that fun is all the better when it is combined with some cash prizes that keep thousands of online gamblers coming back to online slot games. After all, this old format has come a long, long way from the dusty fruit machines of your local bar, pub, chip shop or club.

These days, slot machines are so imaginative and ambitious, that a whole range of different themes and layouts are to be found and enjoyed through the simple spinning of some reels. There are games with a great sense of humour, games that take you back in time to ancient history and games that, if nothing else, offer the promise of some potentially life changing wins.

To help you cure your boredom, here are some slot games that will help you do just that.

Rainbow Riches

Well, there is not much else to be said about this online slot game other than that it is legendary.

One of the longest running online slots to be found in your online casino of choice, this game actually started out as an offline game in the aforementioned pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars. With a fun, Luck o’ the Irish theme, Rainbow Riches doesn’t take itself too seriously and, as the original title in a long running, always expanding series, this is a must play.

Zombie Rush Slot

Whereas Rainbow Riches is an old school classic, Zombie Rush Slot is an online slot game that stand out as a modern great.

Graphics here are of the highest quality and as such, animations run incredibly smoothly, too. Set around the fairy scary theme of a zombie apocalypse, your goal is to help a set of friends flee the undead and pick up some wins along the way.

Now, you simply just cannot be bored when faced with unlimited amounts of zombies.

Penguin City

Yggdrasil always stand out as one of the more ambitious developers when it comes to online slot games, thanks to some really fun to play and beautifully designed titles in their collection.

Often using penguins as the protagonists in their games, Penguin City brings these loveable creatures into a Chinatown style setting and provides an all action slot with plenty of laughs. A good soundtrack and some even better wins can be made in your visit to Penguin City, an excursion sure to beat the boredom bues.

Mega Moolah

Finally, why not turn your boredom into a jackpot? Play this game here over at Dream Jackpot.

Mega Moolah may not be the most creative online slot game, especially in comparison with a couple of the others on our list, but what this title provides is something quite unique in itself… a massive jackpot.

Eye-watering amounts of money could be won during your fight against boredom.


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