Legislator Falciglia’s Efforts Lead to $400,000 Settlement for infamous Ramapo Dirt Pile

Rockland County Sewer District No.1 Earlier this year a settlement agreement was reached between the Town of Ramapo and Rockland County Sewer District No.1 (RCSD1) regarding the breach of contract by the Town of Ramapo for the removal of rock and dirt piles that were left in Sloatsburg from sewer district construction.

The settlement was reached after the county filed suit against Ramapo in June of 2018 to recover the
$400,000.00 contract advance for a six-month project that was paid to the Town while Christopher St. Lawrence was both Town Supervisor and Chairman of the Rockland County Sewer District No. 1.

Working with County Attorney Thomas Humbach, and Director of Public Policy and Intergovernmental Relations for the County Executive Stephen Powers, Legislator Charles Falciglia exposed the contract failure, which had been going on for five years with little evidence that a majority of the work was done. The story was reported on NBC 4 New York by investigative reporter Sarah Wallace in March of 2017. Legislator Falciglia said, “I do not know where the $400,000.00 eventually wound up, but a good bet would involve a connection to the Pomona Ballpark. It’s nice to see a bad act by an elected official rectified so the Sewer District can recover money that is rightfully theirs.”

County Executive Day applauded the efforts that led to this settlement saying, “We dug deep to get to the bottom of this dirty deal and I am pleased to see that this money, which belongs to the taxpayers of Rockland, will soon be returned. As long as I am in office, we will continue to root out waste and mismanagement in government.”

The settlement was for the exact $400,000.00 paid out by RCSD1.

“I will continue to follow this up until the final cent is recovered,” said Falciglia. “Should the Town default I will also ensure that the Sewer District moves to enforce the settlement and seek all reasonable attorney’s fees and interest.”

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