Finding The Home Insurance Discount That Is Right For You

Being a homeowner comes with seemingly endless expenses. Saving even a bit of money where you can is a great way to keep your monthly bills manageable. When you get the chance to save on your unavoidable payments, you will want to take advantage.

Home insurance may seem like a necessary evil, but it’s just part of the life of a homeowner. Lenders will most likely insist that you have the minimal coverage before you can even get a mortgage. 

When you start shopping for a new home policy with a reputable dealer like Allstate, you can save where you might not expect it. By being proactive about your coverage or choosing a more environmentally conscious lifestyle you can take advantage of some great insurance discounts on your home policy.

Multi Policy Discount

If you bundle together your auto and home insurance into one policy you can save a ton of money. Most people can expect to save up to 25% off of their combined coverage.

Claim Free

If you are a new customer and starting a new policy your past history could work to your advantage. If you have been claim free for more than a year you can save some money on your new policy.

Easy Pay

Simple conveniences can now save you on your insurance policy. When you set up an automatic payment schedule for your installments you can save 5% off your payments.

Early Signing

If you are looking for a new company to cover your insurance policies, it’s smart to shop well before your current coverage runs out. You can benefit from a 10% discount if you sign up for a new policy within 7 days of your previous term ending.

Home Buyer

If you are a first time home buyer or just moving to a new address you can save a bit on your insurance. The costs of moving into a new home can be overwhelming. Some insurance companies gives you a break on some of those settlement costs by giving new homeowners a discount on their new policies.

55 & Over

Getting older does have some advantages. If you are retired or over the age of 55 you can save up to 10% off of your annual home insurance policy. With budgets being a bit tighter once you are heading into retirement, savings are welcome wherever you can find them.

Smoke Free

Quitting smoking has obvious health benefits. Now you can also get a break on your insurance rates for having a smoke free home. This is as good a reason as any to kick the habit.

Security Features

Homes that have the additional protection of a security system can save on their home insurance rates. When your home is under the veil of protection with an electronic monitoring system, your insurance company won’t mind giving you a break on your rates.


When you own a home it can seem like the bills just never stop coming in. Taking advantage of policy discounts can help you stay on budget a bit easier.

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