Recent Study Highlights Factors Affecting Healthiest Areas


Recent data released by the Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has shown some of the factors that can affect the health of different areas. Research was carried out by officials who looked at various factors that could have an impact on the overall health and expected lifespan of people based on where they live.

As part of the most recent study, one of the focal points that researchers looked at was local housing in various counties around New York state. The researchers said their study revealed that the location people lived in had a big impact on their health and wellbeing and could even have an effect on how long a person lived. 

Homes are Linked to Health

According to officials involved with the study, homes are very closely linked to health, with many people unable to afford decent healthcare because of the amount they spent on housing costs. They added that having access to decent affordable housing meant that people had more money to look after their own health and that of their loved ones. 

In some healthier areas, the location and cost of accommodation seemed to be among the main factors that affected the mental and physical health of residents. These are people who could afford to invest in more creature comforts for their home and garden such as awnings from In fact, various factors such as the cost of accommodation, the safety of the area, and the location of properties have been linked with varying levels of health. 

In many countries, people on low incomes and many ethnic groups were found to be struggling financially because of the high cost of housing. Added stress came from the location of the property and living in higher-crime areas as a result of affordability issues. The location and living conditions resulted in an increased level of health problems, with both mental health and physical health affected. However, affordability problems meant that those who are living in these areas did not have the money to deal with their health issues and those of their families. 

In healthier areas, the data showed that access to affordable housing even for those on lower incomes meant a boost in healthier living. In fact, the figures showed that there were dramatic differences in health levels in the counties that were included as part of the survey. The data showed that in places where housing costs were high and locations were unsafe, people had less access to healthy food, medical services, and other services or products relating to their health.

Conclusion of the Study 

Researchers stated that the results of the study showed that where a person lives can have a big impact on their overall health. This is not just due to the level of stress associated with higher living costs or living in high-crime areas, but also with the amount of money individuals have left to spend on healthcare after paying out housing costs. 

The figures also showed that the top counties within the state for health included Rockland County, Nassau County, Westchester County, Saratoga County, and New York County.

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