Carlucci’s Corner: Plategate


Governor Cuomo’s original plan to force New Yorkers to replace their perfectly fine plates was unnecessary and arbitrary. Simply put, it was a cash-grab by the State. Thanks to adamant outcry against this policy, the Governor has pulled the plug on the plan. This is a decision I strongly agree with, and now we must prevent a policy like this from happening again.

The Governor’s original plan would have forced millions of New York drivers to pay $25 to replace plates that were at least 10-years-old and implement a $20 fee to keep your old plate number. To fight this, I started a petition online titled, “No License Plate Replacement Fee!.” Dozens of residents signed on against the Governor’s proposal and made their voices heard.

In the end, the Governor’s administration said a Siena poll brought the policy down because 60% percent of those surveyed opposed the proposal and 75% called the $25 fee unfair. Regardless of why the decision was ultimately made, we must ensure the State Department of Motor Vehicles can never do this again.

Senator James Skoufis and I have introduced legislation to prevent another plategate. It states that no one will have to turn their plates in, after 10 years, if they are in good condition. This means no fees on the backs of hardworking New Yorkers who are being nickel and dimed out of our great State. Further, it will prevent the nightmare of 3 million people flooding our DMVs. We must prevent a policy like this from rearing it’s ugly again or residents suffer financial hardship.

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