Bharat Bhise HNA – Why Ethical Hacking is Necessary

For people like Bharat Bhise HNA the topic of cybersecurity is nothing new, he and many of his colleagues have been working in this environment for many years, seeking to help businesses to better protect themselves from cyber breaches. Bharat is what is known as an ethical hacker, someone who is paid by businesses and organizations to hack into their systems. There has been a greater demand in recent years for people like Bharat, who provide a service to their clients that very few people are able to. So whats an ethical hacker and why are they necessary? Let’s take a look.

What an Ethical Hacker is

An ethical hacker is someone with an in-depth knowledge of online systems and software who knows their way around a security system. These men and women are able to breach systems and hack into all kind of databases, they are employed because of these skills. The biggest difference between and ethical hacker and a criminal hacker is really as the name suggests, an ethical hacker is doing this for good.

Testing Systems

The main body of an ethical hackers work will involve trying to breach their client’s systems. The reason behind this is of course to see whether or not the cybersecurity which a business has put in place is fit for purpose. An ethical hacker, in the main, offers the same kind of skill and knowledge that an illegal hacker does, which is why they are the perfect people to try and see just how good a client’s cybersecurity really is. A cyberattack on a business can cost untold amounts of money, it can massively damage their reputation and it could result in the theft of some very important information. Far better to be hacked by someone on your payroll than someone looking to steal from you.

Building Systems

As well as testing cybersecurity systems an ethical hacker like Bharat will also dedicate their time to helping to build and improve systems. Let’s say that they are able to breach the current cybersecurity which a company has in place, they will then look to place preventative measures so that no other person is able to breach the system as they have. Businesses may also call on these hackers to design and build systems for them, but in the main they deal in updating and improving pre-existing systems and networks.


Ultimately this is a job role which is absolutely necessary and it provides companies with a cost effective way of ensuring that all of the information which is stored on their systems is 100% secure. We are seeing more and more that companies are being proactive in the hiring of ethical hackers, rather than trying to close the door after the horse has bolted. Ethical hackers are used by companies big and small all over the world and they are helping to save these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars with their work.

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