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By: Keith S. Shikowitz

They say charity begins in the home. In North Rockland it begins with the community as a whole. This is evident by the 5K walk/run for charity in June, the Stony Point Seals water event and the Crusin’ for Kids annual car show. All of these events raise money for families who are dealing with family who have a medical problem. The money raised goes to these families to help them with the medical costs.

Bob Duboise, organizer of the event said, “This is the 18th year doing Crusin’ for kids benefit. We started at a restaurant in Stony Point. We decided to form a club back in 2001.”

They decided they wanted to do something to give something back to the community. “We thought about it. We love our cars and we appreciate that we can have our cars and enjoy them. We wanted to give back to the community.” He stated. They decided, to do a car show and that there was no better cause than doing something for kids. “That’s how Crusin’ For Kids was born.”

The goal of the event is to help a local family that has a child that has medical needs. “That’s what we’ve done every year. We give the proceeds from this event to that family.” At the car show they charge registration fees for the cars to come in. They have judges and trophies. As well as doing raffle tickets and whatnot. “We do fund raising. It is similar to other events. The Stony Point Seals and the 5K event are good examples. We just use our cars. People love cars. We use that as our method of fund raising.” Duboise added

“Sometimes a classic is a classic. It’s timeless so to speak. You mentioned before your love for cars brings you back to your childhood. What I find is myself included, is that we seem to gravitate towards the cars we had when we were younger, maybe in high school. Myself, I have the car I had in high school. Not the same exact car, but the same model, same color, everything. I’m still trying to get that car,” he said laughing. Many of us have their original cars form when they were in high school. It’s just nostalgic or whatever you want to call it. It’s just enjoyment. That’s what we call it.” Duboise concluded.

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