Protecting Your Business Against Winter Chill


Protecting Your Business Against Winter Chill

Rockland County is blessed with a temperate, comfortable climate, but recent events weather events suggest an overall cooling. As outlined by Lohud, January saw record-breaking cold spells with temperatures dropping as low as 1 degree. With extreme weather becoming stronger and more frequent, it’s crucial that area businesses adapt their premises to lower risk and make sure they stay financially healthy.

Adapting the roof

The roof of your business is effectively its cap, and as such is the first thing in the firing line against inclement weather. The National Severe Storms Laboratory note this, highlighting in particular the propensity of thunderstorms to cause fires. Put simply, your roof is more likely to take the brunt of any damage, even if addressed quickly. Maintenance can be simple, according to industry insiders They recommend using high-tech, durable materials in construction, but note that regular maintenance and contacts within the industry are key. This way you can prevent, or quickly repair, any damage.

Plumbing work

An area likely to be directly affected by colder weather is your business’s plumbing. Pipework that was laid for a certain climate will naturally be under pressure when the weather is hotter or warmer, as shown by January’s closure of a Rockland school following a burst pipe incident. According to market researchers Philadelphia Risk & Insurance, frozen pipe claims yield on average a $27,000 invoice. This could sink your business. Take corrective action by having a professional look over your business pipework, and take on board any recommendations such as for thicker insulation or ground bedding.

Enabling your customers

Sales are, of course, the lifeblood of any modern business. Colder weather can prevent customers from having equitable access to your business in newly frozen months – make adaptations to your business to account for this. This could include gripping pavement outside of your business that prevents ice from being an issue, or something as simple as a coat stand inside the door to get rid of wet jackets and make shopping a more pleasant experience.

Extreme weather has come to Rockland County, and it’s asking questions of businesses that previously enjoyed the temperate climate. There’s no need for panic, nor wholesale changes to make a business fit for location in Alaska. However, a few subtle changes can defend against huge damage and help your business to stay prosperous amid weather events that could otherwise spell disaster.

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