What To Do If You Are Ever Arrested

Being arrested is not something that most people expect to happen in their lifetime, but it is something that can occur even if you have not done anything wrong. Being arrested can be a highly traumatic and shocking experience and most people do not know how to react because it is something that they never thought would happen. It is actually very important that you know how to react in these situations so that you can return to your normal life as soon as possible and avoid making the situation worse for yourself (which can be easy to do). This is what you should do if you ever find yourself arrested. 

Do Not Resist 

First, it is essential that you do not resist an arrest as this will only make matters worse. People will often naturally try to avoid arrest even if they are innocent and there is no way of talking yourself out of the situation. Instead, try to remain as calm as possible and try to memorize the situation – who was there? What happened? What was said? These are all important aspects to keep in mind if possible. 

Remain Quiet 

You should also exercise your right to remain silent when being arrested. It is easy to try to find an excuse for why you should not be arrested but you might end up contradicting yourself and/or saying something that could harm your case.

Contact A Lawyer

You should contact an experienced criminal lawyer from somewhere like Charleston Law as soon as possible after you are arrested. They will know how to work on your behalf, construct your case and manage the various hurdles that come with being arrested. Carefully listen to their advice and follow what they say to a T.

Posting Bail

Unless the court releases you, you will then have to post bail to get out of jail which can be done either with cash or through hiring a bail bondsman. Once you are released, you must attend all of your hearings, stay in the area and follow the advice of your lawyer. 

Gather Evidence

It is then a matter of gathering evidence and constructing your case. Your criminal lawyer will be able to do this for you but you can help them out by contacting witnesses or anyone who can back up your alibi, gathering receipts, CCTV footage and anything else which could be used to prove your innocence.  

Stay Calm

It is easier said than done, but it is important to try and stay calm during this time and to look after your wellbeing. It can be a highly traumatic and upsetting experience but you need to find ways to relax, eat a healthy diet and try to get enough sleep. You should also avoid behavior which could be detrimental, such as going out drinking or contacting your accuser.

Being arrested can be a shocking and traumatic experience to go through but it is essential that you remain calm and know how to react so that you can quickly prove your innocence, avoid harming your case and put the incident in the past.

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