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By Keith S. Shikowitz

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is celebrated across the United States by millions of children going house-to-house trick or treating. This celebration is a dentist’s dream and a parent’s nightmare for their kids’ teeth.

Halloween is traditionally marked by fun pranks, costumes and being able to trust where you got your treats from. Today, many communities have passed regulations on costumes or asked people to tone them down. Schools now have rules about not wearing masks into school or even bringing them or facsimiles of weapons into school.

To try to keep the fun in this day, communities have instituted “Safe Trick or Treating” in malls and other store front locations. They have also instituted days like the Halloween Festival the Village of West Haverstraw had at Bowline Park on October 26, 2019.

Hundreds of children and adults gathered to go on rides, in haunted houses, enjoy a complementary hot dog and drink. There was a costume contest in which children were divided into age groups and judges decided on the top 5 in each category. Each of the top 5 received a prize.

People were very happy with the event. “What made it best was that the weather had broken and it was a nice spring day at the end of October,” one participant said.

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