The Ageless Al Magnatta – Legend of Rockland County Firefighting 

Deputy Coordinator Al Magnatta, “44-2,” operating on the scene of a fire in Congers


When a Congers house fire was called in to dispatchers last week, Deputy Coordinator Al Magnatta, 44-2, headed to the Alert Hook, Ladder & Engine Company #1, Congers FD Station, put on his gear, boarded one of the company’s fire trucks and operated on the scene of the blaze.

It is a routine that the 94-year-old World War II veteran Magnatta has gone through countless times. The beloved elder statesman of Rockland County firefighting has been a volunteer with Company #1 since 1946 – an astonishing 73 years, and is still going strong.

Magnatta is one of two Rockland County deputy fire coordinators representing the Clarkstown area, a title he has held since 1962, the longest of any deputy coordinator serving in Rockland County. The lifelong Rockland County resident is also a small business owner. 

Brian Duddy, an admin of the popular Rockland Fires webpage, declared Magnatta “a legend in the Rockland County fire service!” 

Photo by NYS Fire Coordinators

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