8 Inspiring Garden Projects for 2020

After winter is over, you will want your garden to be looking like a masterpiece, but sometimes, inspiration doesn’t strike. If your garden is in the need of improvements, but you can’t think of any ideas yourself, then this list has got you covered.

From extravagant to affordable, there is a multitude of ways you can transform your garden into the beautiful space you know it can be.

1.    Fountain of Succulents

Who said you have to be traditional? If you have a fountain in your garden that you think needs a new lease of life, try making it into its own miniature succulent garden with plants on each of its levels. Instead of water flowing between each bowl, it will have bright and dewy plants to behold.

2.    Start Your Own Herb Garden

Growing your own vegetables is great, but what’s the next step after that? Herbs, naturally. Trying your hand at growing a batch of basil, mint, sage, rosemary, thyme… the list goes on. There are so many different herbs to have a go at trying. Use them in your cooking and you’ll discover a whole new world of tastes that you grew yourself.

3.    Install a Lake

Ponds aren’t big enough anymore. If you are lucky enough to have a huge garden, a lake would be the perfect addition. With filter pumps from Water Garden, they are easy enough to keep clean and manage. Impress your guests with a lake in your garden for 2020!

4.    Row of Bird-feeders

For bird lovers, a row of bird feeders is the perfect way to transform your garden and invite whole hosts of birds into your garden. A birdhouse or two would complement them nicely as well.

5.    Personalized Pots

Plant pots are essential for growing flowers and plants, but many of them have boring designs. Spruce up your pots for next year by painting on your own design and making them yours! You could design a pattern, use calligraphy to write the name of the plant in the pot, do whatever you want to give the pots a new lease of life.

6.    Comfort Nook

A place to relax in the garden is essential. Try creating a nook in your garden that is dedicated to this only. A hammock, hanging chair, even bean bags would work great and give you a comfortable place to sit, relax and take in your beautiful garden.

7.    Grow a Living Structure

Growing a living structure from willow is a challenge, but it’s one worth taking on! You could grow a chair made from a trees branches, an archway filled with leaves, or even a statue from a hedge. Let your green thumb and creativity run wild together in this magnificent project.

8.    Take Care of Bees

Bees are extremely important to our ecosystem, and sometimes, they need a little bit of care! Leave out a mixture of water and sugar in a shallow dish, (a spoon is perfect!) and wait for the little creatures to come by and freshen up with your sweet treat. You could even go the extra mile and build them a beehive.

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