Providing Innovative Energy Storage Technology for Orange & Rockland Grid Support


Orange & Rockland (O&R) has selected Key Capture Energy (KCE), an Albany-based, independent developer of utility-scale battery storage projects, to plan, design, install and operate O&R’s new battery storage project in Pomona.

Last week, the Planning Board for the Town of Ramapo voted 6-0 to grant the KCE Pomona project site plan approval and a special use permit, clearing the pathway to commence construction.

The battery storage project is part of O&R’s innovative Pomona Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) Project, a program designed to help O&R maintain reliable service for customers. This pioneering program stems from O&R’s concentrated effort to reduce costs to customers, incorporate new technologies to maintain efficient, resilient, reliable and sustainable electric operations and to help consumers make more informed energy choices.

The 3MW-battery will be owned by O&R and built by KCE on O&R property adjacent to O&R’s Ladentown substation in Pomona. KCE will provide operations and maintenance support for the battery over the next five years. The battery resembles six tractor-trailer- sized units grouped side-by-side. Barring any unforeseen issues, the battery is expected to go into service in July, 2020. The cost of the project is $7.4 million.

O&R Vice President of Operations Francis W. Peverly said, “We appreciate the Town of Ramapo’s efforts to help O&R and Key Capture Energy to be at the forefront of the state’s clean energy initiatives. Ramapo’s approval to build the Pomona Battery represents a significant, positive, innovative achievement in O&R’s tireless efforts to provide cleaner, more affordable power for its customers. It’s a great accomplishment and Key Capture Energy has proved a valuable partner in making this all happen.”

Dan Fitzgerald, Chief Operating Officer of Key Capture Energy stated, “We are very pleased to have received a unanimous vote of approval on the final site plan and special use permit for our KCE Pomona battery storage project. In order to achieve this critical milestone, we worked closely with O&R to design and permit the project in a manner which satisfies their need as defined by the Pomona NWA Project. We appreciate the careful consideration by the numerous local and state agencies and stakeholders which reviewed our permit application including the Town of Ramapo Planning Board, Town of Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals, Town of Ramapo Community Design Review Board, Town of Ramapo Fire Inspector, Town of Ramapo Department of Public Works, Rockland County Health Department, Rockland County Department of Planning, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, and others.”

New energy products and services, such as the KCE Pomona battery storage project create new jobs and economic opportunity for the region. The KCE Pomona battery storage project supports New York State’s initiative to install 3,000 megawatts of energy storage throughout the state by 2030.

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