Update from Clarkstown PD on Felix Festa Middle School Incident


Last week, the Clarkstown Police Detective Bureau identified a 15 year old male from the country of Chile as the person who made calls to Felix Festa Middle School on November 21, 2019 stating that there was a gunman in the school. Due to his age and the charges that would stem from this kind of incident, an extradition process cannot be initiated at this time.

A second child involved in this incident has been identified as a Clarkstown student. The intensive investigation revealed that the Clarkstown resident and the other male from Chile met while gaming on the internet. They both conspired to have the boy from Chile phone in a hoax that would cause the school to go on lockdown and initiate a large police response. Given the seriousness of this action and the age of the youth from Clarkstown, his case will be adjudicated in Clarkstown Youth Court in addition to school administered discipline and appropriate supports.

Thankfully, this hoax didn’t result in the injury of any student, staff or first responder. The Clarkstown School District worked closely with the Clarkstown Police Department throughout this investigation. Both the school district and the police department remind parents of the concerns of children who play games on the internet with others whom they do not know. We ask that if your child participates in online gaming that you be aware they will be engaging with strangers from all walks of life who may have bad intentions. Please have conversations with your child about the realities and consequences associated with their online actions.

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